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Tan Chu Yao
Mortgage Loan Consultant

Graduated from Master of Sciences – Property Investment and Finance from Heriot-Watt University, Tan Chu Yao always has a simple, yet sincere vision that everyone could have their own house.


Thus, he joined Sunrise Berhad, the Top Ten Developer, as well as a Malaysian Listed Developer in the Property Development Department – the Lead and Core Department of the Developer Company. For your information, Sunrise Berhad has been bought over by UEM Land and is now rebranded as UEM Sunrise. After Sunrise Berhad, he worked in OSK Property as well. OSK Property is also another Malaysian Listed Developer and has been awarded as one of the Malaysia Top 20 Developers.

Strongly believe in customer satisfaction, accountability and responsibility

From the 5.5 years of working experience in Sunrise Berhad and OSK Property respectively, Chu Yao gained a lot of valuable knowledge and insights which effectively help him and his clients in the housing loan and mortgage loan. Throughout the 11 years, Chu Yao realized that there are a lot of buyers facing loan rejection issues, which cause them not able to buy their own house in the end, even though the developers and the well-designed houses have successfully attracted them.


With ambition and vision in mind, Chu Yao determined to change the lane of industry, in order to help people in need to solve their loan rejection issues. He quit Property Development where he has worked for almost 11 years and started a new life. He joined BlueBricks in October 2018. He received a lot of intensive loan training from BlueBricks, especially on how to solve rejected loans.


Till now, Chu Yao is well-known for being able to serve his customers effectively and professionally, especially in in housing loan, mortgage loan, rejected bank loan and refinance. With his loan knowledge from his working experience in BlueBricks and property insights from another 11 years experience in Property Developer, he believes that he can always successfully help his clients with all kinds of loan issues!


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Extensive Experience

Over a decade of helping people secure a home for themselves, our team has amassed a wealth of knowledge that add priceless value to the services offered. Reliability, efficiency and accountability goes a long way.



We are committed to ending your financial woes. Our sincere dedication and the genuine attention we accord our clientele is something we are proud of. For us, it is not about providing a one-off service. We intend to see you through.


Client Satisfaction

Our primary goal is that our clientele gets their dream home. We have been largely successful at this and we intend to help even more people who have hit a brick wall and have no clue how to proceed. The saying, “the best way to get new clients is to be good to the ones you have” is our philosophy.


Quick Response

We give priority to every case. We realise the stress that comes with a rejected loan application. So many things are at stake. As such, we take immediate action and we are responsive to enquiries and we make it a point to clarify intricate details that our clientele may not be familiar with. To put minds at ease is a role we take on seriously.