Good Debt vs Bad Debt

“Good” debt is defined as money owed for things that generate positive cashflow over time.
“Bad” debt refers to things like credit cards or other consumer debt that are taking out of money from your pocket monthly.

We help you say goodbye to bad debt by converting them into a good debt.


  1. Have “2” in customer CCRIS, the latest month. 2 means payment in arrears for 2 months. Source link
  2. His income source is solely from business, which started 2 year ago. 2 years is minimum years needed for most of the bank to recognize his income. Client want to get loan amount of 2.5 million, which is difficult based on current income scenario.
  3. He never took loan that is more than RM150,000. Banks do not prefer to lend a “sudden jump” loan amount as they would doubt whether the client are able to handle bigger loan amount.
  4. CCRIS have 3 Personal Loans (no mortgage). Personal Loan is consider as unsecured loan, which indicate loan without collateral. Bear in mind that, banks opined that people with financial issue will apply personal loans.


  1. After understand client’s scenario and current financial chart. Our consultant look for the best possible solution and assist client in re-arrange his portfolio and cash.
  2. The result, he obtained 2.59 million loan for a 2.8 million Bungalow in 3 months time.
  3. The extra cash used to clear off bad debts and invest in business to generate more cash flow.
  4. He has lesser monthly commitment, more cash on hand and live a better life.


  1. The client does not have a fixed job and has not always contributed to EPF, and has no credit history. The bank cannot predict his payment behavior and doubts his source of income and stability.
  2. He wanted to buy a property at the area of bank negative listing. Negative listing is a term where bank prefer not to offer loan due to several reasons, such as land and house ownership documentation problem, no proper record for ownership registration and etc.


The loan was approved with the effort of:

  1. Interview my customers in detail to understand his income sources in the past 2 years; submit a report to bank with relevant documents to prove the current income is stable and the reasons why the loan can continue to be repaid
  2. Conducted a fact verification at State Land Office and Commissioner Company of Malaysia (SSM) and prepare relevant property report, including detailed site visit report

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  1. Strategy 1: How many beautify your documents
  2. Strategy 2: How to make bank beg you to be their customers
  3. Strategy 3: How to reduce monthly commitment and invest in assets that provide a positive return in long term.


  • 1. Client was unable to obtain the required loan amount from all bankers, resulting in him not being able to afford to buy his desired house.
  • 2. Client doesn’t have any credit history, the bank could not define his financial history and cannot predict his payment behaviour.


  • Upon applying on several loan strategizing techniques and several rounds of negotiation sessions with the bank, and also re-presentation of income calculation to the bank, finally we managed to get the loan approval based on the loan amount that he desired.


  • 1. Client is a hawker stall, all of his transactions were using cash only, he never owns any experiences on using credit cards and bank.
  • 2. Client has difficulty getting a loan from the bank to obtain a house without any bank statement to justify his income.


  • 1. In order to have a better understanding of the client’s situation and current financial problems, our consultant visited and provided a better solution for the client.
  • 2. Our consultant assisted the client and prepared a detailed report to the bank for proving his income.
  • 3. As a result, he successfully obtained his own house and enjoyed a better life.

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