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Many people question the necessity of debt consolidation. However, before you ever question it, let’s ask yourself a few questions. Do you have many debts? Are you getting tired of managing multiple debts such as personal loan, credit card debt, car loan, study loan, and so on? Do you want to park ALL your loans under one, and save the interest on your monthly commitments? If your answers are a ‘Yes’, let’s contact Chu Yao to try debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation rolls and combines multiple outstanding debts, including high-interest debt such as car loans, study loans, credit card bills, and more into a single bill. Believe it or not, debt consolidation can be a good approach for you to get a lower interest rate! Having a lower interest rate can help you to pay off your debt faster and enjoy the rest of your life.



Understanding the hardness of waiting, we provide fast response and fast solutions to our clients with the best loan tenure and interest rate.



We have dealt with all kinds of debt consolidation cases for more than 10 years. We are highly experienced in helping you to settle the debt consolidation.



All the costs will be stated clearly in a list to you before we start debt consolidation. We make sure there is no hidden charge throughout the whole process.



No knowledge or experience? Just approach us. From the consolidation plan till the end of bank disbursement, we provide a one-stop and one-to-one solution.


In fact, convert the high interest rate and high monthly amount to low interest rate and low monthly amount for personal loan, credit card and housing loan can actually be solved by applying for a debt consolidation loan. Welcome to contact Chu Yao for more information!

  • Combine multiple debt payments into one
  • Lower interest rate
  • Pay off your debt faster

  • Reduce your stress in paying off debt
  • Boost your credit scores
  • Increase the success rate of applying for a new loan


What are the suggested ways to consolidate my debt?

  • Some of my clients try to apply for a new credit card for balance transfer. If you feel pressured on the outstanding loans on hand, remember not to do it.
  • It is recommended to consolidate your debts into a single property bank loan, which has low interest rates and long-term loans compared to credit card balance transfers.
  • Even if your bank loan application is rejected, Chu Yao can still help.

What should I do to be qualified for a low-interest debt consolidation loan?

  • Make sure your cash flow covers the payments toward your debt consistently.
  • Make sure your credit is good enough to qualify for a credit card with 0% interest.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact Chu Yao if you are not clear on how to do them.

What are the debts recommended for consolidation?

Typically high-interest outstanding debts with short tenure periods are recommended to be consolidated. For example, credit card bills, personal loans and other high-interest loan.

Will debt consolidation loans impact negatively on my credit? Will it help to improve my credit score?

Debt consolidation will not cause any negative impact on your credit score unless you miss a payment on your debt consolidation loan or run up your credit card balances. In fact, it can help your credit if you can make your payments every time on time.

How Chu Yao can help in debt consolidation loan?

You will have 0 worries if you let us help you with a debt consolidation loan. Chu Yao will advise on the documents needed in order to proceed for debt consolidation loan and get the approval from bank, even though you are rejected by banks for loan application.


1. Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us

Contact us and we’ll set up a zoom meeting or phone call to understand your purpose to do debt consolidation and current challenges.

For urgent enquiry, please call 012-572 0300 or click at the WhatsApp button to get an in-depth free one-to-one consultation session with Chu Yao, the mortgage loan consultant.

2. Understand the Situation You Are Facing & Advise On the Solutions

During the session, Chu Yao will show you how debt consolidation can help to reduce your financial burden. We will require you to send documents in order to proceed for loan application. We adopt the concept of “Effortless Financing Online”.

3. Recommend the Most Suitable Option & Submit for Loan Application

Upon analysis of the required documents, we will propose several available options from different banks for your consideration and recommend you the most suitable option for your unique situation. Further discussion may be required if needed.

Once you have agreed with the proposed solution, we will submit your application to the bank and closely following up to make things happen.

4. Loan Approved

Upon approval from the bank, we will meet up and sign the Bank Loan Letter of Offer (Bank LO).

Our consultant will support you all the way even after getting the loan approval, until your fund is fully disbursed by bank. We look forward to establishing a fruitful and long-lasting business relationship with you.


All of them got approval for their mortgage loan and refinance loan, that they are happy with.
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