Bank reject your loan application?

We know that life is tough when banks reject your loan, or worse, they have blacklisted you. For some people, not being able to get a loan will affect their daily life.

ChuYao specializes in 5 proven ways to get rejected bank loans approved in 4 weeks even if your income is not stable.

Bank has tightened the lending criteria with around 20-30% approval rate due to the pandemic and we know that it can feel like a dead-end if your loan application was rejected, but you shouldn’t give up. We believe that there are steps that you can take to maximize your chances of getting approval!

selling off properties

Option 1: Selling off property, car and business for quick cash.

Option 2: Re-calculate your cash flow and re-finance.

Which one is the better choice?

The answer is obvious. Hold your assets and refinance!

Refinance expert Malaysia ChuYao

ChuYao is a well know refinance expert since 2007

Reduce up to 70% Monthly Commitment

Reduce up to 70% Monthly Commitment

The top reason for refinancing is to reduce your monthly commitment by lengthening your loan period. Moreover, the current housing loan interest rate is as low as 3.1%.



You are able to unlock capital and cash out from current property and invest in things that generate positive cash flow.



Convert those bad debts (personal loans and credit card loans) to a housing loan, eliminate your short term pains and make it a long term relief!



Using the cash to pay off all the unnecessary bad debts enables you to clean up your profile. With that, you are entitled to the other facilities and privileges.

Why Not Selling Off Your Property?

Rental Income

The current housing loan is 3.1% which is the lowest since 2008. Your rental income may generate extra cash flow to you.

Capital Gain

Picking and holding the right property help you earn an 8-12% annual return from a long term perspective.

As Retirement Fund

Property is by far the best investment for your retirement, whether refinance to cash out the capital gain or to collect rental income.

Who needs this “secret refinancing solution”?

  1. Are you a businessman with high monthly commitment?
  2. Are you a working adult who has problems with your CCRIS and CTOS records?
  3. Are you unemployed with AKPK and on-going bankruptcy procedures?
  4. Are your loans being rejected and you were blacklisted from banks?
  5. Do you have insufficient supporting documents for loan application?
  6. Do you have any house bought before 2012? We can help you to reduce your commitments by up to 50%

If you answered “yes” to any of the above question and number 6 above, please contact us and schedule a 30 minutes free strategy session.

Free No Obligation 30-minutes “Refinance Strategy” (Valued at RM1,500.00) and How to Catapult Your Portfolio from 1 Property to 3 or More in 1 Year Even if Your Loan Just Being Rejected.

Refinance with no hidden fees, no time wasted and guaranteed result, or we work for free! Plus we’ll give you access to our exclusive refinance steps which has helped hundreds of people just like you to gain financial freedom.

No Advance Payment Required. Safe and Secure. Proven to Work.

All of them got approval for their mortgage loan and refinance loan, that they are happy with.
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